Fish and Chips: Driving Nemo

Nemo is a robotic "fish on wheels": it has three wheeled segments connected by two motorized (and instrumented) joints, controlled by an Atmel microcontroller prototyping board. Although its wheels are not driven, it can move quite effectively using a skating/swimming motion.

Your mission - should you choose to accept it - is to make Nemo as agile, efficient, and reactive as possible. What is the best motor torque profile for driving Nemo forward at a given speed? To answer this question, you would:

Once the basic motion is optimized, consider: For extra fun, stick some sensors on and give Nemo some reactive behaviours!

To be considered for this project you should have good knowledge of Newtonian mechanics and dynamics, solid programming skills, and enjoy working with hardware.

06/06 - N. Schraudolph